Water Faeries are the fluid of life.  Intuition, transformation, and
the depths of the unconscious.  Qualities are creativity within the heart, mind and soul.
Zodiac signs:  Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio.
I was born on 28 October 19(MumbleMumble) which makes me a Scorpio
(24 October - 21 November)
Scorpio Symbols: Scorpion, Eagle, Serpent, Phoenix, Dove
The Scorpion symbolises the hotheaded warrior who is violently passionate, bluntly sarcastic, egotistical, controlling and manipulative.

The soaring Eagle represents the calm but intense, focused, determined, intuitive and perceptive Scorpio who often develops healing, clairvoyant and counselling abilities.

The sacret Serpent, an Egyptian emblem of cosmic wisdom, was grounded in earthly reality, but penetrated the higher levels of consciousness.  The serpent periodically sheds outworn habits, beliefs and illusions to facilitate growth through rebirth.

The Phoenix is the confident, courageous, positive transformer that transcends personal ego.

The sympathetic, generous Dove, a natural healer, is infused with love which it transmits to others.

What does it all mean? The Scorpio is an extremely passionate person.  Although we can be generous and gentle, we tend to have an obsessive nature along with a domineering and powerful personality.
"The keyword for the Scorpio is TransformationA Scorpio will likely experience all the traits of the sign's varied symbols to some extent through the psychological death and regeneration process.  Contrasts and extremes of virtue and vice are imbedded in every Scorpio, waiting for employment of transcendence.  It can be a difficult journey or a blissful one, depending on individual choices.  There's just no middle-of-the-road for the Scorpio.  We can be extremely sensitive and wilfull.  It probably wouldn't hurt to try a bit more cooperation."
October Birthstone:  Opal
To the ancient Romans, the Opal was a symbol of love and hope.  Orientals called it "the anchor of hope" and Arabs said it fell from the heavens in flashes of lightning.  It was believed to make its wearer invisible, therefore, it is the talisman of spies (and of thieves!).
Flower: Calendula. The Calendula relieves pain and has been found to have  natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-spasmodic qualities.  It is also an excellent skin conditioner and is capable of repairing damaged skin.  Because of its astringent properties, it is great for treating bruises and, oh yeah, varicos veines.  Also, fungus infections respond well to treatment with this herb.
Scorpio traits:
Determined & forceful    ~~    Emotional & intuitive
Powerful & passionate   ~~   Exciting & magnetic   ~~   Jealous & resentful
Compulsive & obsessive    ~~    Secretive & obstinate
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The name Topaz comes from a Sanskrit word meaning "fire" and in ancient lore, it could be used to control heat.  It was said to have the power to cool boiling water -- as well as excessive anger.  In medicine, the Topaz was used to cure fever.
Power Stone:  Hematite (aka Blood Stone)
Scorpio Good Luck Stone:  Topaz
Ruling Planet:  Pluto
Dominant Positive Trait:  Resurgence
Metal:  Iron (Steel)
Dominant Negative Trait:  Ruthlessness
Colours:  Blood Red, Really Dark Colours
2 pages:  Scorpio Adoptions, Celtic Astrology, Numerology, and other neat stuff
Let the Shamrock take you
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