Amaryllis: pride, timidity, splendid beauty
Anemone: forsaken, sickness
Apple blossom: preference
Azalea: temperance
Bachelor's buttons: single blessedness, celibacy
Balm: sympathy
Balsam: impatience
Begonia: dark thoughts
Belladonna: silence, beautiful lady
Blue-bell: constancy
Buttercup: ingratitude, childishness
Camellia: unpretending excellence
Camomile: energy in adversity
Carnation:  yellow: disdain;  red: alas, my poor love
   yellow: slighted love;  red: I love;  white: truth
Clematis: mental beauty
Columbine: folly;
   purple: resolution;   red: anxious and trembling
Coreopsis: always cheerful
Crocus: abuse not
Cyclamen: diffidence
Daffodil: regard, chivalry
Dahlia: instability
Daisy: innocence
Dandelion: oracle
Day Lily: coquetry
Dogwood: durability
Fern: fascination
Fleur-de-Lis: flame, I burn
Forget-me-not: true love
Foxglove: insincerity
Fuschia: taste
Geranium:  pink: preference;  scarlet: comforting
German Iris: flame
Gilly Flower: bonds of affection
Gladiolus: strength of character
Heliotrope: devotion
Hemlock: you will be my death
Holly: foresight
Hollyhock: fecundity
Honesty: honesty, fascination
Honeysuckle: bonds of love, sweetness of disposition
Hyacinth: sport, game, play
Hybiscus: delicate beauty
Hydrangea: heartlessness
Hyssop: cleanliness
Iris: message
Ivy: fidelity, marriage
Jasmine:  yellow: grace and elegance;  white: amiability
Jonquil: I desire a return of affection
Lady's Slipper: capricious beauty
Lavender: distrust
Lemon Blossoms: fidelity in love
Lilac: dawning of love
Lilly of the Valley: return of happiness
Lobelia: malevolence
Lotus: eloquence
Magnolia: dignity or perseverance, love of nature
Mandrake: horror
Marigold: grief and despair
Meadowsweet: uselessness
Mimosa: sensitivity
Mock Orange: counterfeit
Morning Glory: affectation
Narcissus: egotism
Nasturtium: patriotism
Oleander: beware
Orange Flowers: chastity, bridal festivities
Ox Eye: patience
Pansy: thoughts
Passion flower: religious superstition
Peach Blossom: I am your captive
Peony: bashfulness, shame
Periwinkle: early friendship
Petunia: never despair
Phlox: unanimity
Pimpernel: change, assignation;  pink: boldness
   red: consolation, sleep, resurrection, fruitfulness;
   scarlet: fantastic extravagance;
   oriental: silence;    white: sleep
Queen's Rocket: You are the queen of coquettes, fashion
Rhododendron: danger, beware
Rose: love
   Austrian Rose: thou art all that is lovely
   Bridal Rose: happy love
   Burgundy Rose: unconscious beauty
   Cabbage Rose: ambassador of love
   Campion Rose: only deserve my love
   Carolina Rose: love is dangerous
   China Rose: beauty always new
   Christmas Rose: tranquillize my anxiety
   Crown of Roses: reward of virtue
   Daily Rose: thy smile I aspire to
   Damask Rose: brilliant complexion
   Deep Red Rose: bashful shame
   Dog Rose: pleasure and pain
   Full-Blown Rose placed over two buds: secrecy
   Guelder Rose: winter, age
   Single Rose: simplicity
   Hundred-leaved Rose: pride
   Japanese Rose: beauty is your only attraction
   Maiden Blush Rose: If you love me, you will find out
   Moss Rosebud: confession of love
   Multiflora Rose: grace
   Mundi Rose: variety
   Musk Rose: capricious beauty
   Primrose: sadness, early youth
   Red Rosebud: pure and lovely
   Thornless Rose: early attachment
   Tuberose: dangerous pleasures
   White and Red Roses Together: unity
   White Rose: I am worthy of you
   White Rosebud: girlhood
   Withered White Rose: transient impressions
   Yellow Rose: decrease of love, jealousy
   York and Lancaster Roses: war
Snapdragon: presumption
Snowdrop: hope
Stock: lasting beauty
Sunflower: haughtiness
Sweet pea: delicate pleasures, departure
Sweet William: gallantry
Tansy: I declare war against you
Thistle: austerity, retaliation
Tulip: fame;  red: declaration of love;
   yellow: hopeless love;  variegated: beautiful eyes
Violet: faithfulness; modesty
Wall-flower: fidelity in adversity
Water lily: purity of heart
Wisteria: I cling to thee
Xanthium: rudeness, impertinence
Zinnia: thoughts of absent friends
The Language
of Flowers