a sweet Old World tradition ...
meet the "Schultuete"
"The School Cone" is one way I've seen this translated, even though the word "Tuete" translates more as bag; a paper (and later plastic) bag in particular.

Now what in the world is a School Cone?  OK, I'll tell you:  When children in Germany set off for their first day in school, their parents and/or grandparents present them with a big cardboard cone, prettily decorated and filled with candy and cookies and chocolates and maybe oranges or any sweet a child might particularly fancy.  To make this anxiously awaited first day in school just a little bit sweeter.

That picture above, that's me, by the way, on my first day of school, backpack in place, shyly clutching my goodie-filled cone.  I remember it like it was yesterday:  Shiny bright green my cone was, with silver trim, the darker-green crepe paper on top, tied together with a silk bow in different shades of green.  My skirt and trim on the sweater was grey and the rest of the sweater was a pretty faded brick colour.  Of course those were grey stockings and black patent leather shoes.  Oh my!
Children of America ... you're missing out:
The Class of 19(mumble mumble) ... Wasenschule, Oberstein, Germany
First day of school.  Under the watchful eyes of Father Didas and Miss Kolbeck.  Miss K was one of those fantastic teachers (she was with us for the first three years) who made her lessons interesting and unforgettable.  Thanks for laying a great foundation, Miss Kolbeck!!!
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