THE DICTIONARY OF PHRASE AND FABLE -- by E. Cobham Brewer (from the new and enlarged edition of 1894).  For help with those strange words one sometimes encounters when reading "fantabulous" books and stories.
THE INTERNET MOVIE DATABASE -- An essential resource for the movie and TV junkie lacking total recall.  TV shows, movies, it's all there, with loads of info and fabulous links.  A page I visit an awful lot.
THE LOUVRE -- Yes, THE Musee de Louvre, that big building in Paris, France, where they keep the Mona Lisa.  Visit priceless and breathtaking treasures without leaving your chair.  Find an ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO PARIS, where you can send VIRTUAL POSTCARDS from this beautiful city.   Now that's my idea of travel!  And you won't have to put up with obnoxious Parisians, either!
BLAUFALKE (animated gifs) -- A great collection of gifs, mostly related to fantasy and the mysterious (in German but who needs to read when you can see the pictures :).
Favourite Links:
STOMP TOKYO :  ILLUMINATING THE DARK HEART OF VIDEO EVERY WEEK (reviews of the best and the worst on video).  Admit it -- every so often, you too enjoy a really awful movie!  Follow the guys from Stomp Tokyo as they look at the movies you might find at your local video store; movies that are so bad they're good, and movies that are just plain bad.  Let the lavalamp guide you from 4 lamps = excellent, down to the real stinker barely meriting 1 lamp.  This site is a hoot! I've been on their mailing list for ages; and even if you never watch the movies, you'll enjoy every moment you spend at this site!
BRETAGNE -- that's "BRITTANY" to you Yanks & Brits :-) -- my favourite part of France.  Located in the north (by the English Channel), it's chock-full of history and beautiful sights ... visit this site for a small taste of Brittany (English language page accessible by clicking the small British flag in the upper left-hand corner).
GERMAN-ENGLISH DICTIONARY -- while we're on the subject of dictionaries, here's a handy little "gadget" (translates either way and the site itself is presented bi-lingually).
THE MARION ZIMMER BRADLEY FANTASY MAGAZINE -- A wonderful place to enjoy yourself!

Odds 'n Ends

The Page of BRIT-LINKS

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Arts & Entertainment --  PBS --  BBC America --  SciFi Channel
Guides to programming, show information, lots of other neat stuff -- Jen has put together a wonderful page for Vegetarians, chock-ful of info on famous vegetarians, recipes, quotes.  Informative but also quite entertaining!
THE ENCYCLOPEDIA MYTHICA -- mythology, folklore and legends from many different regions.  Absolutely fabulous!
THE LEGAL ENCYCLOPEDIA -- easy to read explanations of the law on various subjects.
Sometimes I think I really ought to group them more sensibly but hey ... that would spoil the sense of discovery :-)
Click for links to some of my favourite Pagan-related links
THE TIME ZONE CONVERTER -- friends and family all over the place?  Got to make a business call to a far-away destination?  Or just for the fun of it.  Real nifty (it even allows for that bane of everyone's circadian rhythms, Daylight Savings Time).
TVNow Entertainment -- Monthly schedule, search by Actor, Director or click the Genre links at the bottom of each page.  Misses a few cable channels but pretty good overall.
MSN Entertainment -- The most accurate searchable TV schedule I've found so far (catches even more shows than the TV Guide website!)  Seach by Actor, Title or Keyword.
GOOGLE.COM -- My favourite search engine
The Urban Legends Reference Page -- the best place on the web to help you sort through all those weird and wonderful stories that make the rounds in your email or anywhere else.  The people at are on top of things! -- A great site for the television lover in you -- with brief episode synopses, airdates, actors, guest stars, for an unbelievably huge assortment of TV shows old and new, American and British.
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