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Blue Mountain Arts has an incredible selection of holiday cards.  Birthdays, the 4th of July, Bastille Day or Canada Day, they have the right card.  Some animated, some with music.  Go take your pick!
WARNING:  This site has gone "PAIDmembership" only
If you love Faeries, you'll love this site!.
"My Sentiments" is pretty neat.  A gargantuan selection of cards, plus you have the opportunity to "build your own" with pictures you upload to the card site from any- where on the web, even upload your own music if you don't like their offerings (which aren't half bad!).  Comes in more languages than can be heard on any given day at the United Nations!
My Postcards Network is a collection of links to lots of different sites and therefore offers hundreds of different cards to choose from!
Castle Mountain -- without a doubt some of the most beautiful cards anywhere.
Pixies, elves, flowers, and lots more. Great musical selections, too.
Score BIG with the cat-lover in your life -- these cards are absolutely adorable!
The best place I've found to send flowers.  After comparing prices from other websites, Fleurop had them beat!!  Based, I believe, in Switzerland, the website is available in 4 languages, transmogrifies the prices into any currency you desire, and the selections aren't too shabby either.  If you want to try them out ... email me for my address *grins*  (I've tried them on several occasions for deliveries in Europe and the US.  The transactions and deliveries went without a hitch).
All Yours Postcards -- great selection, many many different themes.
Check out cards by the Korean artist Byun Shi Ji (category Paintings).  Simply beautiful!
Btw, this site is brought to us by a Dutch artist possessed of an overwhelming fascination with the British Royals ... go figure :-)
Castle Mountain
Not sure what flowers to send?  Click HERE for a list of flowers and their meaning.