The Iowa Connection
SFFN: A group of fans of British Science Fiction on Friday Nights on Iowa Public Television where they enjoy DoctorWho, Red Dwarf and other delights from across the pond.  We're held together by mailing list, forum, and our Friday night chat (9:30 PM until we drop--visit the SFFN site for more info).  Thanks, TRS, for creating a little world for us to meet and chat and play in.
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Meet some of the terrific people there:
NUKE -- (right)  a.k.a. NUKE77, one of the diehard chatters and good friend. Nuke, do you ever sleep?  I've tried to keep up but after 3 AM, when Nuke and Mister are still going strong ... of course, it could be Mister's singing that's keeping Nuke awake all night :)  His page has links to all kinds of free images for your web page, so click on his name and pay him a visit.  Alas, another casualty along the way.
COYOTE -- Babe -- you rock!  I don't think I really knew what laughter was before I met you!  Even Miss Farnaby adores you.  LOVE YA!!!!!  (for a pic, see group photo below or click here to visit me at home).
This is Lea (a.k.a. Leela), Fan Girl Extraordinare!  See her senior picture with some of her Doctor Who toys to the left.  Right: Lea met the famous "Doctor Who Pinball Machine" at some exhibit in Iowa (for the third or fourth time!).  Some kids have all the luck!  I met Lea answering phones at IPTV during Festival, in support of Doctor Who.  Way to go, Lea!
FREDD -- (left)  He's Biiig -- He's Baaadd -- what can I say about Fredd, the dude in the kilt, that would do him justice?  Words can't describe him; go visit his website and discover for yourself the wonder that is Fredd.  For those of you in the KMTV-Omaha viewing area old enough to remember, Fredd's got a wonderful tribute page in memory of our beloved Dr. San Guinary.
MISTER -- Our entertainer (above, left).  I don't believe the song's been written that he doesn't know the lyrics to.  And he shares this knowledge.  Freely.  In the wee hours of the morning... see Mister hard at work treating hapless help-seekers to a rousing rendition of O Sole Mio.   We miss you, man -- please come back and sing to us!!!!
With Gilligan -- the Skipper, too ... no, wait ... wrong crowd ... there's Mothra and the Faerie girls (watch out for that faerie dust!); Chrys, Camy, Webmas (psssst--I somehow got the impression this man is more sane than the rest of us, but we love him anyway :-), that dishy  Mark (another SIO fan!), Jeremy, Matt, Craig, Andy, Lance, CommodoreTom, Warpspeed, Ivy, Fred , who am I forgetting??? (Note to self: Commence regeneration of brain cells!).  Did I mention TRS ... of course, way at the top ... then there's occasional visitors, it all adds up to the best reason to stay home on Friday nights (aside from sitting in front of the telly and watching Dr. Who, of course!!!). 

P.S. to
Talkie Toaster -- t'wasn't me that revealed your secret identity!!! :-)
Some of the "gang" at IPTV's Festival, March '99.  Clockwise from left: TRS, yours truly, Coyote, Jeremy, Lea and her aunt, and Mike Frisbee, peerless host of SciFi Friday on IPTV.
TRACY -- (right)  Her picture is in the dictionary next to the word "cool" Before Kate joined us regularly, she was often my lone ally in going up against the guys in the chatroom.  Tracy juggles work, motherhood, her love for Brit TV, her taste for mysteries, and the care of two cats.  Anyone else notice that cat lovers really are the nicest people?  But where have you been lately, Tracy?????? (pictured: Tracy hard at work)
ALTAIR -- A kindred spirit.  One of the few people I've met who can appreciate the subtleties of "Space Island One" -- thanks for making me feel less like the odd person out.  Love your homepage!
THE 9TH DOCTOR -- Founder of UNIT (Universal Network of Iowan Timelords)..  If you consider yourself an Iowa Timelord (or any Timelord at all), consider joining us.  The mailing list is a neverending source of information and amusement!   Check out the UNIT webpage for the latest on "Exiled" (a semi-annual fan get-together in, where else ... Iowa).
Catch the TARDIS -- a click will let you see some pics from IPTV Festival 2000 (members of U.N.I.T., and USS Surek and some of their little helpers).
JEFF: What a guy -- with young people like him in the fold, the future of Dr. Who fandom looks just a little bit brighter.  Thanks for trusting ol' chocolate-fingers with your DW novels!!  Jeff is one of the few ... the proud ... the fans sporting Doctor Who tattoos!  Click HERE to take a look.
That handsome devil in the right-side picture is NOMAD, our resident flirt with the heart of gold -- a
worthy addition to the SFFN rogue's gallery :-) joining us all the way from Allentown, PA, where he's
sadly deprived of being able to watch Doctor Who on his public TV station.  (Thanks for your generosity,
I love the Aeon Flux tape and the bagpipe music -- you've created a monster!!!!)  ~~smooches~~
KATE -- (left, with Stuart and Meg after a hard day at the Zoo)  Ah, Kate -- the classy lady who knows her Vallejo!  Two wee ones, a demanding job, a man about the house ... how does she find the time to indulge in the finer things in life -- like Brit TV?  But we're always happy when she finds the time to join us to lend a touch of elegance to the mayhem!  Her compassion, cool head and innate understanding of human nature have cooled many a hot head in our little group.
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