The Birmingham Connection
~ Birmingham, Alabama ~
Club Librarian
(BBC) of Birmingham -- a really wonderful Dr. Who club.
Past President, Paula -- when
she's had it with the whole bunch,  she sends in her hologram to take over.
Sylvester McCoy, modelling a Blue
Box Companion Sweat Shirt that was
presented to him at the Visions '98
press conference.
Becky hamming it
up at Visions '96,
Jerry peeking over
her shoulder.
Thor and Becky, the happiest couple in all the known Galaxies, sharing a piece of chocolate cream pie.  Is it the pie or Thor that put that look of sheer bliss on Becky's face?  Jerry is looking happy after a big meal, Bill is still contemplating his bisquit.
The three Mousketeers ... looking for all the world like someone stole their mouse ears :) Jerry, Bill and Tommy (elected Veep in 2000), after a VERY long night, the infamous Blue Box Companion's Halloween Party at Marty and Heather's (October 1997).
Jase, intrepid scribe of
the Blue Box Companion
Newsletter.  Monk Karl
in the background.
It's the Cat in the Hat ... it's a Martian ... no, it's President Marty:  Brave host to some very scary goblins.  Marty assumed the presidency in 2000.
Becky and a VERY
special person ...
she's sooooo lucky!
He's always been
my favourite
Doctor, but I never
had the honour of
meeting him.  We all miss you, Jon!
April 1991, Whoosier Con, Indianapolis, IN.  This was 5 months after Becky had first met Jon Pertwee at Visions 90 in Chicago.  To her amazement (and delight), he remembered not only meeting her, but even what they had talked about!
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