This page is dedicated to good friends, old acquaintances, and new friends I met since being on-line (Hello, Andrew, THANKS for the stamps... and especially for introducing me to the "British Morning Ritual" (admit it -- you made that one up!!! *g*).  This space is watched over by Miss Farnaby, that most regal of felines.  Let her be your tour guide...

Dalek Stamp / Freddie Mercury Stamp
Click above and see a couple of the great stamps they
got in the UK, compliments of Andrew.
I Am Cat, Therefore I Rule!
A click on my picture will take you
on  a virtual tour of my home.
Dusting the VCR with my tail while I sleep.  My idea of working for a living!
Not the least of my duties:  Guarding Val's precious Jelly Babies against marauding Daleks.  A Cat's work is never done!
Meet Toni, Highlander fan extra-
ordinaire.  I've heard it being said that she's an all-around wonderful young lady.   Humans also say she's a virtuoso on that harp thing of hers.  Whatever... she can stay as long as my sensitive cat  ears can put up with the... the... hey... this isn't bad!
Jim the Axman.  A good friend to Val during the 80's (before my time).  I know she sometimes wonders where he's got to over the years...
Miss Farnaby is looking for her catnip (THANK YOU, LEE, for
turning her into an addict! :) and will ignore humans for quite a
while once she finds it.  I had better take over hostess duties
and direct you to the links below...
Pixie and 'Friend' at Reptile Gardens
Blue Box Companions

The SFFN Connection
Becky, super Doctor Who and
Highlander fan, and the coolest
Lady in Birmingham, AL  ... why
do the best ones always have
to be so far away?
The Littlest Pixie
How many times have I told you to stop dragging in these stray humans, K9?!  The human is Val's good friend Jerry, a.k.a. "Dalek" from B'ham, AL.  As for this K9 character ... I smell no dog, therefore, there is no dog.
Little Pixie wasn't always this chipper.
here to see our Pixie in a real pout.
The Pixie Pages
~ Pixie grows up ~
I will not submit to the indignity of being
cuddled on a lap, even if that lap belongs
to Val's bestest pal, Pixie (who is also
her offspring--humans have such
pitifully small litters!).   Watch me
make my get-away.  Now perhaps
you will all leave me alone while
you visit Pixie at her homepage,
so please click on the pixie.
Another on-line friend, Denise, who
lives in New Zealand and is totally
awesome at creating beautiful
graphics and a beautiful website. 
Val thinks she's just about the neatest thing since sliced bread.  I tend to agree, after all, three of my fellow felines decided she was good enough to live with, so she's gotta be A-OKAY!  You can visit her with a click on the picture.
Click above to visit my own Homepage ... and that sign should read OWNED BY
"Mistress, Can I Keep Him?"
Her good buddy Skip.  Always willing to lend a hand with the tasks that women are perfectly capable of but only men ought to be doing (you know, heavy lifting and all that) ... aw, he's alright for a male human ^g^ (did I just invent the "cat grin"?)
If you came here from Miss Farnaby's own
website, you can return by following the cat:
No real-life picture of Val's on-line friend, Lady Shaishana, but she's so prolific at creating gorgeous graphics for every occasion, Val's made her her own page.  I know she's awesome because my fellow feline, Lady Siamsa (who turned out to be Lord Magic :-) picked her for his human.  And her website is truly magickal!!!  Click on her picture to visit the page Val made for her and read about her adventures.