Random snapshots of family members
and a few glimpses of Oberstein
Nephew Christopher and "Tommy"  Love
of cats is obviously in our genes.
Mom, sister Tina, me, and Grandma Betty.  Poor dad: one house, four women ... one bathroom!
Tina and Christopher.
Third party unknown.
Andreas joins the Clan
My favourite Aunt, Pauline, with Uncle Franz and Mom.  Never noticed before how Auntie P. resembled a certain British Monarch... oh well, I loved her
to pieces anyway!
Elfriede, the girl with the most infectious laugh.  Not a member of the family, but that smile and the Church in the Rocks in the background called for inclusion.
Dad and a family friend, the very distinguished Monsieur L'Abbe, a French Roman Catholic priest.
My fascination with movies was born here:  Dad was the projectionist at a local movie house.  Which meant free acces for me. By the time I was 12, I could run those machines like a pro.
Cousin Loni and Friend
Pixie with Feather Baby & Tina, flanked by Mom and Dad, at the "New Castle" high above Oberstein.
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Pixie, Tina, Feather baby
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Church in the Rocks
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