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Over field and stream, hill and dale, the mighty Dragon carried his travellers in search of Wench Val and her Blue One’s Secret Cove.  They had flown for a long time and searched many different places, but nothing looked like it could lead to a Secret Cove.  At each stop, the Wizard would wave his staff and mumble strange words, and while there was a lot of magick about, nowhere did he sense an invisibility spell.  Truth to tell, that pleased him to no end because all he really wanted was for his Mistress to give up this crazy notion and get him the heck back home, to his books, his cauldron, and most of all, his creature comforts.  But he knew better.  Once Lady S. was on the scent of a secret, there was no tearing her away, he often swore that she was part bloodhound!

      Finally, after they had been travelling for a long, long time, Lady S. noticed a range of craggy mountains in the distance.  Mountains that looked dark and foreboding even in the bright light of the day.  It was like nothing she had ever seen, nor could she recall anyone describing these hills before.  She took this as a good sign, along with the fact that a stream flowed out of these mountains.  Forbidding surroundings coupled with water ... her instinct told her she was on the right track and she yelped out a joyful "WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"
Story and page design copyright Valkyrie Grant.

The writer would like to thank Lady Shaishana for her friendship
and for the inspiration for this story, which came about
during their friendly teasing in tand on-line chatgroup.

Lady Shaishana Doll by Lady Shaishana.  Wench Doll by Lady ThistleWing.
Landscape pictures from Webshots.
Background by Valkyrie, dragon tube from Blaufalke's Bonepages.
After the Wizard's ears quit ringing and he had regained his composure, he once again held out his staff and began mumbling incantations as Black ThunderWings slowly circled the highest peek of the mountain range.  Suddenly, the staff surged out of the Wizard's hands and disappeared straight into the rock, just above a heap of green, moss-covered stones.  And behold! There in front of them was a tiny, ragged hole leading into the mountain.  With just enough room on the ledge to allow for the Dragon to alite.
Part Two in the Saga of Lady Shaishana and Her
Quest for Wench Val and the Blue Gargoyle's Secret Cove

(by Valkyrie)
Bidding the Wizard to stay with the Dragon, Lady S. carefully made her way through the entrance.  So narrow and tight it was, she had a hard time keeping her gown from being torn off her body.  As it was, rips and tears soon began to appear in the delicate fabric and she cursed herself for not having taken the time to change into more suitable travelling gear.  But there was nothing she could do about that now, so she pressed on.  It wasn’t long before she came out on the other site and looked around in astonishment, down on a verdant valley, criss-crossed by swift little rivers, mountains rising from the valley floor and water tumbling over rocks in a breathtaking display of nature at its most wild and beautiful.  The sky above was of a blue so deep Lady S. could not remember having seen anything like it before.  As quickly as was possible, she made her way back through the narrow passage, mounted ThunderWings, bade the Wizard to get back on and off they flew, to the other side of the mountain, where this beautiful valley was surely to be found.

      Imagine their surprise when the other side now revealed nothing but black barren rock and a desert that stretched as far as the eye could see.  By now, even the Wizard was beginning to enjoy the challenge.  “An excellent hiding spell,” he commented with a gleam in his eyes as they flew back to the little ledge in front of the cave entrance.