The Story of
The Man
in the Moon
Once upon a time there was a man who didn't care that it was Sunday, he went into the woods, cut himself a large bundle of wood, hoisted it upon his back, and started on his way home.

      As he came out of the woods, to the edge of his village, he noticed a proper gentleman, dressed in his Sunday finest, obviously on his way to church.  This man stopped him and said, "Don't you know that today is Sunday, a day for rest and reflection and to give thanks and honour to the one who created everything, including you, and rested on the seventh day?"

      But the man with the bundle just grumbled at him and replied that he didn't care, Sunday on Earth or Monday in Heaven, as far as he was concerned, it could be Monday every day of the week.  And besides, what care it was of the strangers?  He should mind his own business and not concern himself with the affairs of others.

      Unfortunately for him, the fine gentleman was God himself, notorious for getting quite crabby when his rules are ignored.  And he said, "Because Sunday on Earth means so little to you, you can carry your bundle of wood for all eternity.  From now on, every day shall be Monday for you.  You shall stay in the Moon, an eternal warning to everyone who neglects to honour the Sabbath."

      And from that day on, when we look up at night, we see this unfortunate creature, carrying his bundle across the face of the moon through all eternity.