Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace
Amazing grace, how sweet the Earth
that bore a witch like me
I once was burned, now I survive,
was hung and now I sing.
T'was grace that drew down the moon
and grace that raised the seas
The magic in the people's will
will set our Mother free.
We face the East and breathe the winds
that move across this earth.
From gentle breeze to hurricane
our breath will bring forth the change.
Turn towards the South and feel the fire
that burns in you and me.
The spirit's flame will rise again
and burn eternally.
We greet the West, our souls awash
in tides of primal birth.
Our tears and blood, our pain and love
will cleanse and heal the earth.
Reach into the North and know your roots
down deep ancestral caves.
We find the wisdom of the Crone,
Of circles we are made.
Amazing earth, enduring life,
from death into rebirth.
T'is earth I am and earth I love
and earth I'll always be.
Amazing grace, how sweet the Earth
that bore witches like we.
We once were burned, now we survive,
were hung and now we sing.
Goddess bless, so mote it be,
Our magic spirals on.
Merry meet and merry part
and merry meet again.
One of my all-time favourite  pieces of music to listen to is Amazing Grace played on bagpipes.  But one can't help remembering the words to the song, and that always gave me a feeling of ... well, I felt vaguely offended.  A wretch like me?????  Speaking in meta-physical terms, I'm a beautiful, intelligent being, at peace with myself and my surrounding, and like every living thing, embued with the power and the spirit of the Goddess.  Sure, I've got my good days and my bad days.  But wretched?  I just don't think so.  Still I loved the tune.  So naturally I was overjoyed when one day, somebody sent me an email containing an alternate version, written by Verna Knapp.  I don't know who she is, but the lady has my undying gratitude! 
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