Newcastle-upon-Tyne ... Cosmo (Tommy Lee Jones ) is a shady American businessmen who buys up local properties to build an industrial park or something.  He's got a girl named Kate (the ever-annoying Melanie
Griffith) working for him.  We're never really told just what her job is; it
does seem to include providing 'escort' services for his associates.
Finney, a local nightclub owner (Sting) refuses to sell and Cosmo sends
in his strong men.  Alas, they hadn't counted on Brendan (Sean Bean),
newly-hired janitor at Finney's club
who, by sheer coincidence (OK, it's
awesomely contrived) overhears
one of their plots to do away with
Finney.  Meanwhile .... See Kate.
See Kate moonlight as a waitress
at a local eatery.  See Brendan fall
for Kate.  See Kate fall for Brendan.
See a few scenes make absolutely
no sense (what's with the Polish
shindig?).  See all kinds of compli-
cations arise.  See Kate and Brendan live through it all, find time for a little snogging, get the stuffing beat out of them, but manage to live through the end credits.  Yes, it really is a lot more fun than it sounds. The strangest part is that Sean receives way too little credit, none  whatsoever on the movie box.  Yet he and Melanie are definitely the stars of this film.  Sean has the most face time of anybody.  YAY!  
(this film was released in 1988)
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