The continuing adventures of Scarlett O'Hara.  Did it get any better?  Well, Masterpiece Theatre it's not.  Ashley is still a limp bisquit, Rhett Butler still elicits an "what the heck does she see in him," but at least there's a couple of my favourite actors to enjoy this time round; one who's always a pleasure to watch on screen (Colm Meaney) and of course Sean Bean as the bastard-in-residence, a role that could have been something if it hadn't  been so sloppily written.  Still, he takes wha't he's given and gives it a good try.  And Tina Kellegher gets knocked up ... again.  What else is new.  To top it all off, my DVD seems a little blurry.  Oh well.  The landscape is beautiful, and so is Sean Bean.  I'm really not going to ask for more.
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