The Moon: The Moon has a most powerful influence on Magick.  Conduct a specific ritual during the phase most suited to the purpose:

The time of the
waxing moon is used for magick influencing love, happiness and prosperity.

full moon is the right for time fertility rites, calling upon the Moon Goddess.  It positively influences our perception of the supernatural -- a great time for the advancement of extrasensory capabilites and for prophetic dreams.

waning moon is the time for exorcism, to remove the influences of another's damaging spells and curses (remove those pesky love spells!), and break free from bad relationships.
The Days of the Week: Days are ruled by the planets and their influence affects your rituals:

Sunday is ruled by the Sun and is advantageouss for rites of healing, exorcism and prosperity.  Colour association: Yellow.

Monday, ruled by the Moon, is the day for rituals concerning agriculture, animals, fertility and reconciliation.  Colour association: White.

Tuesday, ruled by Mars, the god of war, and is for rituals concerning braveness and strength (physical as well as mental), surgical procedures, removing the influence of bad spells, as well as revenge.  Better watch that last one though...  Colour association: Red.

Wednesday, ruled by Mercury, the divine messenger, is for rituals concerning communication ... knowledge, writing, prophecies, tarrot, and also business transactions.  Colour association: Purple.

Thursday, ruled by Jupiter (named after Thor, the mighty God of Thunder, who is also known as Donar; German "Donnerstag" = Day of Thunder), is for rituals concerning happiness, well-being, fertility, health, prosperity, and wealth.  Colour association: Blue.

Friday is ruled by Venus.  Friday got it's name from Freya.  It's the day for love, for eduction, for beauty and for friendship.  Colour association: Green.

Saturday, ruled by Saturn, is the day for communication with the "other world," meditation, psychic attacks as well as defence against such, the locating of things lost, including people and places.  Colour association: Black.
The Phases of the Moon as well as the
Days of the Week affect the working of Magick:
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A word on Magick: The practise of Magick is an ancient art found everywhere, in every culture, in every corner of the globe.  Magick, as I understand it, is tapping into the creative powers of nature, of the universe, and channelling this power toward one's goals. To effect magick, the practitioner must use it in total harmony with the laws of nature and their own being -- the mental as well as the physical.  Fasting, ablutions and meditation are a common part of preparation.  Fancy tools are really not much more than props ... the power is within each one of us.