Their self-titled debut album, released in January of 1969.  Ever since that day, rock fans have been DAZED AND CONFUSED and Rock 'n'Roll itself would never be the same again -- the 60's were OVER! 
Simply titled "Led Zeppelin II," released in October 1969.  This time we got a WHOLE LOTTA LOVE!
"Led Zeppelin III" was released in October 1970.  The contents of this album were inspired by the rustic, out-of-the way place the band would often revisit to revive their creative juices, the famous "Headley Grange"
Effort number 4 wasn't titled at all but since this marked the birth of the famous symbols, it is often referred to by fans as "Zoso" or "Four Symbols"  Released in November 1971, this is their most well-known effort.  There can't possibly be anyone alive in the civilised world not familiar with STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN (if there is, they cannot possibly be very civilised *g*)
Where Led Zeppelin  discovers "HEY, we can actually give our album a REAL name" ... and called it HOUSES OF THE HOLY.  Some of my favourite LZ songs come from this album, which was released in March 1973.
A double album, PHYSICAL GRAFFITI is known as one of the hardest-rocking albums ever.  Released in Februaruy 1974, it contains my favourite make-out song.  Trust me:  You haven't been rocked until you rocked and rolled to KASHMIR.  Thanks for the memories (you know who you are ;-).
PRESENCE, which gives us "The Object" that weird black thing that shows up on the cover and inside pictures.  Ahh, these guys knew that mystery (and mysticism) sells albums.  It was quickly remembered that Jimmy once told an interviewer that he was looking for "The Hammer of the Gods" and some speculate this "Object" might symbolise either the hammer itself or Jimmy's quest.  Well, whatever.  It was released in March 1976, but it didn't become one of their best sellers.  If I had to pick a "least favourite" this might just be it.  But wait ... there's "Achilles' Last Stand."  I guess there just ain't no 'least favourite'  Zeppelin album!
The soundtrack from their concert film, THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME.  Recorded live at Madison Square Garden over 2 consecutive days in July of 1973, it languished, along with the film, but was finally released on 22 October 1976 to help the band over the long dry spell precipitated by Robert's car accident on 04 August 1975 while on holiday with his wife on the Greek Island of Rhodes.  While the movie might not be a masterpiece, it's all there is for fans have who were never blessed with seeing a live performance.  I'm about to wear out my third copy :-)
IN THROUGH THE OUT DOOR (quite prophetic if you think about it!).  Marketed with four different album covers but sold in a plain brown wrapper so you didn't know which one you'd get (ack, what a nasty-trick marketing ploy!!!).  But it's all worth it, if only for Robert's vocals on ALL OF MY LOVE (rumoured to be a dedication to his son).  Released in August 1979, this would become their last effort because of the death of drummer John Bonham.  The band's reaction to this tragic loss is one reason why I remain such a rabid fan, even more than 20 years later:  Unlike other bands, they realised that without John, there was no way they could go on and create music as they had in the past.  And perhaps they also realised that if they bowed out now, they would forever remain one of the greatest creative forces in Rock'n'Roll, one that would help set the standards for years to come.  Fortunate for the fans, their individual creative spark did not die with Led Zeppelin, the band, as evidenced in their subsequent solo careers.  The 80's would not have been the same for me without Robert Plant!
Released in  November 1982, CODA features materials that hadn't made it on any of their previous albums.  Yes, it's 'must-have' for every Zep fan!
Released in October 1990, this remastered 4-CD box set, and the 2-CD sets of remasters features further unreleased songs (TRAVELLING RIVERSIDE BLUES, HEY HEY WHAT CAN I DO, etc.  One of my favourite birthday gifts EVER!!!!
There are several more box sets available besides this one, all irresistible to the Ueberfan :-).
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