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Giving Thanks
We here in the United States tend to think of the Thanksgiving Celebration as something
uniquely American.  Sure, it is celebrated in remembrance of the first Colonists and their
struggle for survival in what was then pure wilderness.  But Thanksgiving in modern times,
especially for us city folks, has turned into more of a celebration of family and togetherness
and counting blessings received during the past year, quite apart from the original intention
of giving thanks to the Earth for what She has given us during the growing season and thus
assuring us sustenance and promising survival during the coming Winter months.  For in one
form or another, Thanksgiving is observed in almost every corner of the globe.  And has been
as far back as recorded history, especially in the northern regions, where a good harvest was
essential for survival through the Winter and until the next growing and harvesting season.
Even now, in the 21st Century, those of us living in cities far removed from the actual growing
and harvesting of our daily bread, as we sit down to share Thanksgiving Dinner with friends and
loved ones, we would do well to take a little time to thank Mother Nature, the Earth, for what
She has given us, and ask that She will continue to provide Her bounty to us in years to come.
"Giving Thanks" copyright Valkyrie Grant
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