Snapshots from
Jerry -- died and gone to heaven *LOL*

I must confess, I absolutely hated Tracy Scoggins when she showed up on Babylon 5, but then she turned out a very sweet person in real life.  Realised I was just miffed that Cmdr. Ivanova was gone.
Caroline John and Louise Jameson:
Bound to be suffering from writer's cramp
following yet another autograph session (1998).
Cyberman aims deadly ray at
Doctor Colin Baker (1996)
The Babylon 5 contingent: Richard Biggs (Dr. Franklin) and
Claudia Christian (Cmdr. Ivanova) signing autographs (1996).
Aftermath ...
Note to selves (Jerry and me):  NEXT CONVENTION -- BIGGER LUGGAGE!!!!
Robin Atkin Downes, Byron
from  Babylon 5  (1998).
1996 -- the year I broke my camera
1997 -- the year I forgot my camera
1998 -- the year I messed up 2 rolls of exposed film
Thanks for bailing me out, Jerry!!!!
No monster suit, no make-up -- Terry Walsh exposed!  Sylvester McCoy in the background (autograph line, 1998).
Jerry and Nigel Bennett, everyone's favourite
Vampire (LaCriox) from "Forever Knight"
Someone thought it worth a close-up that Buffy's friend Xander
and I wore the same nailpolish on our toes .... Memo to self: Do not
have your picture taken on the third day of going  without sleep!!!!!
Then I got a few palpitations of my own...
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