Even this Cyberman crumbled at the sight of
Actual scan of my tattoo.  Ever try to scan a body part?  Not as easy as it sounds (unless one is a con- tortionist!)
Sylvester McCoy thought this was about the funniest thing he ever saw.  Enthusiastically, he grabbed a pen and signed my arm (see below). Alas, the artwork didn't survive next mornings' shower.
I've always had a thing for tattoos -- must be that wild streak in me.  One day I hit upon the idea to combine two things I love so well, tattoos and Dr. Who.  A fellow Whovian heard me talk about this  and the very next day, she lent me her copy of "The Tom Baker Years" which has a good picture of the diamond logo on its box.  (APPLAUSE FOR SHELLEY, PLEASE !!!). All it took now was a copying machine to get different sizes of the logo (which I then cut out and pasted onto my shoulder for size).  The very next Saturday I went to my favourite tattoo shop (American Tattoo in Omaha, Nebraska), armed with the right-sized cut-out and a T-Shirt emblazoned with the logo in full colour.  A 150 bucks and 3 VERY annoying hours later (doesn't help if your tattoo artist is in a non-communicative mood!!) ... but it was all worth it!
In 1997, Visions
with "profes
sional lighting"
Alas, the results
were less than
Frazier Hines
thought it all
good fun.
Peter Davison
was amused.
Louise Jameson: "Hey -- Everyone!
You have got to see this!!!"
Colin Baker: "Oh. My. God."  Later: "You're going to regret this in 10 years' time."
Wrong, Mr. Baker, sooo wrong!
Where is Terry Walsh?  Look closely ... stunt plant on the right ...
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(arm autographed by Sylvester McCoy and "Byron" from Bab5)
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