As soon as it came out, conservative voices started to cry foul.  Even though they fooled no-one, their argument was that a person who is not a member of the Royal household must be dead for 10 years before they can be on a stamp.  And with a magnifying glass, one might be just able to make out Roger Taylor on drums.  However, it was counter-argued that on stamps showing the Queen and her horses, other riders can sometimes be seen and they aren't dead yet, either.  So ... since Her Majesty has approved the stamp, it stands.
Two great stamps from the UK,
sent to me by that
most adorable of Brits,
Andrew.  I love you, man!
Proving once again that Dr. Who is alive and
well in the hearts and minds of the people
FACTOID:  The UK is the only country in the world
with this kind of self-assurance: They don't put the
name of their country on their stamps!
(see link below to the folks that build this Dalek)
Clicking on this banner will take you to the homepage of the company that build the Dalek
that was photographed by Lord Snowdon that now graces the stamp above (am I dating
myself for knowing who Lord Snowdon is? ~grins~).  Anyway, a nice gent named Ian Clarke
from this company emailed me, and since he had such a way with compliments ... I can do no
other than honour his request to add a link.  Btw, if you're in the market for a life-size Dalek or
other interesting Dr. Who props (hey -- my Birthday's coming up!!!) ... these are the folks to go to!
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