Do you love to play

Six Degrees of Dr. Who

...or just simply gone nuts trying to remember whether you've seen a certain actor playing something in DW?  Personally, I can't watch a TV show or movie without scanning the end credits to see if there's someone that would provide a link between DW and another programme.  Thought I was getting a bit weird ... then I started to come across a few others who like to play the game (a comforting thought: you're never really alone in your obsessions!).

While the
Internet Movie Database (IMDb) has proven quite helpful with the bigger names, I've noticed that not all actors got their DW credits listed.  So quite a while ago, I had made a list of every actor I could find that was ever in any episode of DW, including the name of the character(s) they played and the production number(s) of the episode(s) they were in.  This does not include the DW movie since this is well represented in the IMDb. 

I thought I'd share.  See link below for the list.  If you notice typos, omissions or other booboos, I'd be grateful for an email so I can fix it.  And please, email me with your challenges!  Here's one for you:
Link Dr. Who to Star Trek in ONE step

1) actors sorted alphabetically by last name of actor

2) actors sorted alphabetically by character name

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