Dr. Who Cats
One of the things I've noticed about DW fans is the inordinate number of us who care for a cat or two or three (or even more).  It's downright odd to encounter a feline-deprived fan in the SFFN chatroom.  Why is that?  I've thought about it some and soon came up with enough reasons to write a dissertation.  But that might not leave me enough time to tend to (read "spoil") my own  Miss Farnaby.  She who is named after the character from "Mulberry" -- with good reason (a perfect personality match).  Some fans, though, have named their little friends after DW companions or other characters.
Are you owned by a cat who has allowed you to call him or her by a name taken from our favourite
television show?  Is your feline companion always ready for a close-up, posing prettily?  If you'd like
to share a picture of your special Who-kitty with other fans, email me (below), I'd be happy to
showcase your lil' beauty right here.
Blue Box Companions Marty and Heather are owned by "Nyssa"
(above) and "Adric" (below).  They live in Birmingham, Alabama.
~ This page is a work in progress ~
(-:  I've always felt the TARDIS crew lacked a feline companion :-)
A sad note ... Adric got very ill and on the 27th of April 2000, he crossed over the rainbow.  Hope you're in a happy place, little guy!
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