......................................... This is very aptly put into words by Margot Adler:  "We are not evil.  We don't harm or seduce people.  We are not dangerous.  We are ordinary people like you.  We have families, jobs, hopes and dreams.  We are not a cult.  This religion is not a joke.  We are not what you think we are from looking at TV.  We are real.  We laugh, we cry.  We are serious.  We have a sense of humour.  You don't have to be afraid of us.  We don't want to convert you.  And please don't try to convert us.  Just give us the same right we give you -- to live in peace.  We are much more similar to you than you think."
Bide the Witches' Law ye must
   In perfect love, in perfect trust
     Eight words the Witches' Rede fulfill:
       "As ye harm none, do what ye will
         Least in self-defense it be
           Ever mind the Rule of Three
             Keep these in mind and in heart
               And merry ye meet, and merry ye part"

                        (abbreviated, click here for a more complete version)
A Philosophy For Everyday Living
Great words to live by!  While I'm not much of a joiner, don't belong to any organised group and consider myself "Pagan" rather than "Witch," I'd be loath to tangle with the Rule of Three, which simply means that your every action is returned threefold -- and that means the bad as well as the good:

                  "Ever mind the Rule of Three: Three times what thou giveth returns to thee"

                                                                * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Paganism is a Nature religion, observances celebrate the cycles of nature -- equinoxes, solstices -- important events that occur in nature (see the link below for a chart and explanation of the Pagan Sabbats).  It is a religion without hierarchical structure, without imposing buildings and acquired worldly treasures.  While many Pagans gather together in groups (Covens), there is also room for the eclectic, solitary practitioner.  If there is a tenet to this religion, then it is this:  As You Harm None, Do What You Will.

One would think it was common knowledge by now, but I still see a lot of surprise (consternation even) on the faces of people when celebrate "their" Christmas and Easter, which are nothing more than Yule and Lady Day, usurped by their forefathers to smoothen the way for their Pagan victims to be indoctrinated into the prevailing narrow view of the natural and supernatural.  A great lesson the early Christians learned from the Romans -- who, while a very spiritual people, didn't so much care about the form religious worship took as they did about conquest, and therefore freely added the deities of conquered peoples to their own pantheon and incorporated the rites that folks had grown to love and were comfortable with.  Smart move:  Let them have their religion, and the rest will fall into place.

As for the oft-levelled charge against neo-Pagans and neo-Pagan Witches of worshipping Satan and the dark (evil) rituals this supposedly entails -- this would be laughable if it did not have often devastating consequences for the unlucky person on the receiving end of this charge in our Christian-controlled society.  Consider, however, that Paganism is a revival of the worship of deities that predate Christianity (and therefore Satan) and has been practised, in many different forms, for a long time before the concept of the one Christian god and his boogeyman (Satan) were sprung upon the rest of the world out of a tiny region of Asia Minor, where they had figured into the belief system of a small tribe of itinerant sheepherders ... before the Roman conquerors opened their doors to the rest of the world.  The very concept, God/totally good
vs. Satan/totally evil, does not tally with what centuries of empirical observation has taught us to be true:  No one entity is totally good nor totally evil, everyone and everything in nature, including you and me, carries the seeds of both good and evil within.  It is up to us which seed to nourish; this is where a healthy respect for the Rule of Three might go a long way!

Last but not least:  Unlike other, "organised" religions, Pagans don't go around proselytising ... you won't ever catch one of us plastering your windshield with leaflets, much less screeching for money on TV by promising miracles of healing or somesuch nonsense, and no-one will ever come to your door, shove a pentagram in your face, and threaten you with a eternal damnation in the name of that pentagram -- Promise!!!
The Pentagram:

Time another popular myth was laid to rest:  The Pentagram is NOT a symbol of "devil worship."  As mentioned above, the modern Paganism does not recognize the Christian Devil.  As so many things "Pagan," this symbol is used by Satanist, but in an upside-down manner (the spirit is pointed downward instead of up).  To the Pagan, the Pentagram symbolises the four elements -- Air, Water, Earth and Fire, with the highest point denoting the Spirit, often encircled as a symbol of the power of the Goddess.
This Site Dedicated To My Mother

Thank you for the Love, the Inspiration, for Everything

Now that you've gone from here, I take comfort in the knowledge
that when my time comes, I will be with you once more.

My Mother -- My Hero
written a few months before her death on 06 June 2003, the day that would have been my father's birthday
1)  Paganism and Satanism are NOT one and the same thing. 
2)  Pagans do not sacrifice living things ... we don't shed the blood of children, grown-ups, or the blood of animals.  The Goddess is not worshipped by wasting the blood and lives of Her creatures.
3)  No Pagan Witch will ever put a "hex" on you ... too risky!  (Remember the Rule of Three!)
4)  Pagans do not recruit.  A Pagan will advise, counsel, teach
only when asked but will never force his/her opinion on others.
5)  Pagans do not hate Christians or anyone else.  We are merely trying to live as best we can in the face of continued harrassment, intolerance and unresonable fear.
As time passes and I delve deeper into my own soul (for lack of a better word), I have come to
realise that my spiritual path seems to take a more "Northern" direction,  "Norse Wicca" if you
will, as I feel at home with my believe in  and worship of the Gods and Goddesses of my Germanic
Ancestors, especially my Patron Goddess, Freya.  Just as any serious followers of the Norse
religion (Norse Wicca, Asatru), I am deeply disturbed by the dark elements that have come to soil
the names of our Deities and pervert the true spirit of modern Heathenism, which is one of open-
ness and  tolerance of all races, creeds, colours and/or a person's sexual orientation.  Not unlike
the native peoples of many lands, America included, Norse Wicca and Asatru is simply carrying
on an ancestral tradition while learning and living and integrating as smoothly as possible into a multi-cultural society.  Racial hatred and/or intolerance of any other person's belief system or lifestyle simply does not figure into the true spirit of Paganism, especially if this manifests itself in harm (mental or physical) to this person.  As I re-write this paragraph on Memorial Day of 2002, it seems just like it happened yesterday that we have come to experience the horrors of religious intolerance first-hand.  But this is NOT what worship of the Norse Gods and Goddesses stands for in any way, some unenlightened individuals' protestation to the contrary notwithstanding!
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